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What is it really like to live on a small Caribbean island? What entertainment is available? Do you have stores for shopping on the island? What about your utilities, do you have electricity and telephone service? How do you get to the island? Is it a lot harder to live on an island than living in the States? Is it like the TV show “Survivor”? Why would someone WANT to live on a small island?

These are the questions most asked by visitors and want-to-be residents of an island. In this case we are talking about Water Island. When you live here, you figure out the answers to these questions real quick.

Water Island is located offshore from the harbor of Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. One travel agent has called Water Island “an emotional world away from the hustle and bustle of St Thomas”.

There are less than 100 full time citizens on Water Island year-round. The number “balloons” to about 200 during the Winter season, from around December to May. You can tell that all the residents look out for one another.

stop-sign-One “STOP” sign is the total number on the island. Which is OK, because nobody is ever in a rush to get anywhere. There are no shopping malls, no 4 lane highways. All roads are about 10 feet wide. That is probably the main reason that the bulk of transportation on the island is by golf cart. They use less gas and can maneuver the narrow roads pretty good. On this 500 acre island life is pretty slowed down compared to the mainland.

Expect to do your own upkeep of your home. Expect to fix anything and everything if it breaks. You tend to become quite the handyman when you live on a small island. You develop special “McGyver” skills. If you are still stuck, one of the neighbors usually has the skills and tools needed to help.

ship-clipartGetting back and forth from St. Thomas is fairly simple. Most people either take the ferry which runs about every hour during the day or they take their own dinghy or boat. The ferry does make night runs a couple of nights of the week in case you want to have a night out.

All shopping is done on St Thomas. You will have to rent a car or go by taxi to stock up. Most homes have freezers so that residents can stock up when they make a shopping run. There are several grocery stores (Pueblo, Cost U Less, Price Smart, Plaza Extra) for food shopping. Home Depot is a full service store as is Kmart. You then bring your items back to Water Island on the ferry or private boat. You can also take you car or truck to St Thomas on the car barge (owned by a Water Islander), do your shopping and then come back on the barge.

ambulanceWater Island is the exception when it comes to having medical emergency services. We have the Water Island Search and Rescue Squad. This squad of trained volunteers responds to all medical emergencies and treats the victim before transporting them to St. Thomas for further transportation to the hospital.

Most small islands have some type of utilities. Here on Water Island electricity and telephone service is supplied by a cable that runs under water from St. Thomas.

rainWater on a small island is valuable. Local folks are happy when it rains. All rain is collected into a cistern, usually located under the house. It is usually made of concrete. Water from the roof drains into it and is then treated to filtration prior to drinking so it is safe. Television and internet are available through the use of a satellite dish or cable.

All types of professions are represented on Water Island. You have the full range from doctors, lawyers, store owners, office managers and many other professions. These workers usually commute every day to and from St. Thomas.

coconut-treeWe all like to have fun, even if you live on a tiny island. On Water Island we have a Monday Night at The Drive-In every Monday night from November thru May. Every other week there is a BINGO night at the beach! During the day you can grab lunch on Honeymoon beach at Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill, voted to have the best cheeseburgers in the Caribbean. Or, you can have a tropical drink from “Joe’s Beach bar”, a small rustic cantina right on the beach. There are a number of regular cocktail parties that everyone enjoys.

The final important question is "Why do people live on an island?". We enjoy the peace and quiet, the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, good friends, being independent, protecting nature and taking the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the blessed life we live here on Water Island.

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